Woman refuses to attend brother’s wedding unless all food served is vegan


A woman said that her future sister-in-law is kicking up a fuss and refusing to attend her wedding if meat is served at the ceremony, as she is a staunch vegan

A family have been left divided after the bride-to-be refused to have an entirely vegan menu just for her fiancé’s sister.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that she is due to get married in January 2022 and is currently planning her perfect day.

They’ve got music, drinks, and the venue sorted – but they’ve come unstuck on the food menu, as the bride’s sister is a fierce vegan and is making demands about what is served.

The woman said that they had planned a vegan option for her, but the soon to be sister-in-law was unhappy that meat was being served at all.

Taking to Reddit, the woman said: “We have everything planned like music, food, dessert, drinks and who will be attending – our food choice will be between chicken or steak, with a salad to start.

“My fiance has a sister that is a vegan – we let her choose a dish that she wanted to have for the wedding and ice cream that is vegan friendly.

“Well, future mother and father-in-law called my fiancé and suggested maybe changing the menu to all vegan. He went nuts and told them no, he was not going to change the menu because of his sister.

“His sister started texting and blaming me for being controlling and manipulative, and his parents are now thinking about not helping with the wedding and leaving it to us and my family.”

After sharing her story online, other Reddit users were quick to comment on the post and the vast majority said that the sister was being unreasonable.

One said: “Why the hell should your entire menu be vegan when only one vegan is attending? That’s an outrageous request. She can have an all-vegan menu at her own wedding.”

While another wrote: “Tell her and the family they are welcome to skip the wedding if they really wanna lose family over one meal.”