Inside Facebook’s weirdest group – where Wetherspoon’s customers compare chip sizes


If you ever visited the nationwide pub chain and felt disappointed that your chip count wasn’t up to scratch, Facebook group ‘Wetherspoons Paltry Chip Count’ might be for you

There’s nothing worse than your long-awaited meal arriving, only for a measly portion of chips to be served alongside your main.

Previously, one man was mocked after demanding a friend cover part of his bill after eating three of his chips.

And Gordon Ramsay was criticised over the portion of chips in his £18.50 fish and chips meal.

It’s a contentious issue – and thousands of Wetherspoon’s customers have banded together in a Facebook group – where they count the number of chips per portion.

Over 37,000 customers have joined a Facebook group called ‘Wetherspoons Paltry Chip Count’ to share their woes.

It’s a single-issue group with punters required to share a photo of their meal alongside the number of chips you were served.

Diners have flocked to mock the pub chain for a vast discrepancy between the number of chips they apparently get at different boozers.

One disgruntled customer found just 10 fries with their dish. But another found a whopping 41 chips on their plate when it arrived.

Other punters have taken tape measures into the budget pubs to work out the average length.

One dedicated chip investigator even took a set of scales in to weigh their fries.

Another vexed customer visited the Master Mariner in Wallasey, Merseyside and got just 10 with his burger.

He said: “Finally now I have a place to share my pain.” Meanwhile, one fumed after being served just 14 chips at the Jolly Tars in Cleveleys, Lancs.

He has vowed never to return to ‘Spoons, writing: “Been waiting almost seven years for this group. December 22 2014, I remember it well.

“Fourteen chips. Haven’t been to a Wetherspoons since. Probably best I don’t talk about the ham and cheese panini.”

And one woman frequented The Chevalier Inn, in Plymouth, Devon, where she was unhappy with the size of the fries rather than the quantity.

She said: “Twenty five of the smallest chips I’ve ever seen.”

Another wrote: “Hi guys, new member here, so glad I’ve found a group of people who are as passionate about chips as I am.

“Here’s my cheesy chips from tonight from The Embassy in Plymouth. Chip Count – 27. Cheese Count – one.”

One visionary saw beyond the appearance of his dish to applaud the 41 chips he got including one huge one.

“Looks like baby s***e but that’s besides the point,” he said. Forty-one chips here including that monster which is worth about five itself.”

Meanwhile, one dedicated customer took a tape measure to The Barum Top Inn, in Halifax, West Yorks.

“Twenty-one chips, average chip length was 2.75 inch overall,” he boasted. Good effort.”

Another went one step further and brought weighing scales to the Sir Henry Tate Chorley, Lancs.

“Partner wouldn’t let me take scales in yesterday, but he’s at work late,” he said.

“So managed to sneak them in. Twenty-six chips – fairly average – at a total weight of 189g, approximately 7.27g per chip.”

He added: “Noticed some chips were coated in bean juice so the results may not be 100 per cent accurate.”

But it seems some fuming patrons might be wrongly judging the portion of chips, according to an employee.

They wrote on Twitter that workers are required to serve the chips according to weight – and they are checked if they’re serving the right amount.

They wrote: “They’re counting the chips not knowing wetherspoon measures chips by weight (180g) and yes you get spot tested on your chip weight.”

They added: “Before you get signed off you fully have to scoop a potion of chips and it be within a certain range otherwise you fail.”